Energy work~ Light Harmonics

“Natural forces within us are the TRUE healers of disease”
-Hippocrates, Father of Western Medicine

Just by you viewing this page, you have already stepped on the path of healing…

We Humans are made up of a matrix of crystalline ENERGY

For optimal health, the body needs to sustain BALANCE!
Anytime we experience emotional, physical or mental illness, it is an indicator that our life force Energy and therefore field has become compromised or unbalanced.
Think about how GOOD you felt as a child…it is possible to feel that again.
If you are ready to open the door to unlimited health you must be open to receiving it!

ENERGYwork is called such because everyone has a life force around their body(ies)
When someone receives an Energywork session, their field is affected by the ‘work’ being done due to the practitioner’s Intention and Energy being sent.

~LIGHT HARMONICS is a certain vibration and frequency of ENERGY~

In a Light Harmonics session, Sharon will work directly with your Energy field with the Intention to restore balance and flow to your entire system and beyond.

Sharon channels this frequency from the Universe/God/Goddess directly to your field.
The intention in channeling the Energy to you is to harmonize the light inside of you to help clear out and balance, strengthen and reinforce your energy field.

Light Harmonics is influenced by an amalgamation of techniques Sharon has cultivated through many years of practice including many styles of Energy Healing.

Sharon sees you as perfect in God’s image as you were created.
She works from a place of stepping aside to let the highest good come through for you.
Sharon does not work from a place of “knowing” but lets the Energy work through her Intention
to come through purely to your heart, soul and bodies.
Sharon’s work is includes hands on and hands off the body.
She directs the energy where she is guided to send it.
She also sees the work as healing you on many levels, throughout time: past, present and future.

A session with Sharon is relaxing and a feeling of warmth may radiate among other sensations you may detect. Your senses may see, hear and smell as you are being activated by this cleansing, balancing and strengthening energy.

After the Energy has been channeled, Sharon will verbally share the intuitive thoughts, impressions and imagery she received while working with your field.
This conversation could take up to ten minutes or so depending on the information received.

Please come with an open mind and heart, ready for your own personal healing.
Healing yourself, healing others, healing our beautiful planet and raising the Vibration of our consciousness for the greater good of our purpose here on Earth.


Planetary Love Band Kryon



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