Immunization Links & Others


Information on vaccines and how they are made and other interesting articles to inform you of the risks of vaccination.


Chiropractic care for children offers your family a solid foundation for wellness. Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood the chiropractic lifestyle offers choices and benefits for your greater health and well-being.
The video and articles found at the ICPA website will help you understand the importance of the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.


The National Vaccine Information Center is a national charitable, non-profit educational organization.
NVIC launched the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America in the 80’s and is the oldest and largest consumer led organization advocating for the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the public health system.


Safe Minds is a non-profit organization founded to investigate and raise awareness of the risks to infants and children of exposure to mercury from medical products.

Also check out www.vaccineinfo.net   www.thinktwice.com  and www.vaccinationnews.com for more vaccine information.

& http://www.coalitionagainstgeoengineering.org/
Chemtrail awareness and how to detoxify your body from the metals that are being rained down upon us all the time.


The world’s #1 natural health website that helps educate you to take control of your health. Dr. Joseph Mercola is a certified physician and surgeon and has the latest information you want to know in keeping your mind and body healthy.


The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation’s estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers.


The Cornucopia Institute, through research and investigations on agricultural and food issues, provides needed information to family farmers, consumers and other stakeholders in the good food movement and to the media. We support economic justice for the family-scale farming community – partnered with consumers – backing ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food.


Alex Grey’s website for amazing monthly full moon drummings and other community events in Wappingers Falls, NY.



The incredible Earth Lande’s movement to keep birth Natural.