Mission Trips

“Good works are links that form from a chain of love.”
-Mother Teresa    

Every year Dr. Luann and Sharon take a mission trip to help change the world by assisting people in reconnecting with the source of all life through chiropracTIC. In doing so, we feel reconnected with ourselves and our personal mission and vision for the world we want to live in. We help change the world and we are inherently changed.

Many people on the planet need our help. In the US we have access to abundant resources such as food, water and shelter. We take for granted that we have access to these things, so much so that we don’t even think about it. This fact cannot be fully appreciated until we step outside our daily routine and take a good look at the rest of the world. To immerse in different cultures ultimately allows us to recalibrate ourselves and align with our higher purpose as a business.

We are all divine beings. ChiropracTIC helps people remember this truth. When this occurs, people may choose to express greater levels of love towards themselves and their fellow human beings. When this happens, we make higher conscious choices about our “internal” environment which automatically changes our choices toward our external environment. The way we accomplish this intention is by teaching and applying a vitalistic philosophy through pure and principle based chiropracTIC.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to genuinely connect with people from different cultures. There is nothing more gratifying than to serve with compassion and an open heart and give to those we do not know. The truth is, we are all connected therefore there are no ‘strangers’ in the world. By being ambassadors of love through delivering the gift of chiropracTIC, we go where few doctors go and give back to the people of the world. Our blessings become theirs and in turn, the blessings are doubled.

Our first mission trip took place in Freeport, Bahama in 2011. We visited many children’s homes and orphanages to assist the kids in learning about chiropractic and we delivered chiropractic adjustments and energywork.

Our second mission trip took place in Ubud, Bali in 2012. We served and educated a small community of families and business owners who have no access to healing chiropractic services.

Our third mission trip for 2013/2014 was never embarked upon for unfortunate reasons….but will be will be postponed until 2016.…stay tuned and please feel free to help donate to our cause of sharing chiropracTIC with the world.

You can click on the Photos tab to see pictures from our mission trips.

~Any donations are greatly appreciated~