Cupping Therapy

Let’s be honest, do you know what the heck cupping therapy is? It looks painful….is

Cupping is an ancient technique used to detoxify the body, mind and spirit.
upping has been around for THOUSANDS of years, as long as acupuncture and is used for a wide range of ailments.

It is relatively PAINLESS depending on the level of intensity of the suction. Suction pulls out stagnation which means you may have marks on your body, but these are not ‘bruises’ but “erythema”. Erythema is simply marks from the intense pull of the vacuum created by the cup – just like a hickey!
The detoxifying effect of cupping is wonderful for many reasons such as cellulite reduction, pain relief, lymphatic drainage, scar tissue reduction….. keep reading to find out more.

What are the benefits of cupping therapy?
 Cupping benefits from a Western clinical perspective:
Relaxes the nervous system

Stretches and unwinds fascia at superficial & deep levels
Removes small adhesions, allowing for more range of movement in tissues
(Larger adhesions may need cumulative treatments for permanent changes)
Stimulates the local nervous system, causing an increase of endorphins and a decrease of pain
(Wow drug free pain relief, we like that!)
Loosens and releases adhesions
Relieves inflammation after the acute stage
Draws an increase of blood supply to the treatment site: note the erythema: a pleasant to experience reddening of the skin
Breaks up and expels congestion and toxins
Moves and drains excess fluids
Stretches and releases all types of muscle and soft tissues
Provides deep tissue work without discomfort (i.e. a sharp elbow in your back!)
Strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid
Improves circulation to reduce inflammation
The suction pulls stagnant intracellular fluid to the surface, removes toxic debris and replaces it with fresh oxygenated, nutrient rich fluid.

Cupping benefits from a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) perspective:
Activates the flow of energy (qi) and blood (xue)

Removes dampness (swelling and puffiness)
Draws to the surface and expels pathogenic factors such as wind, cold, heat (including redness) to treat common cold, muscle and joint pain, stiffness, arthritis and many other complaints.
Moves blood stagnation and revitalizes blood to the tissues to nourish the skin, therefore reducing wrinkles (ya don’t say!!)
Warms the muscles and alleviates pain and irritation

For more information on cupping therapy, check out the experts:  ICTA’s website at http://www.cuppingtherapy.org/