Health IS Wealth

We believe in the energetic exchange of VALUE!
That which we VALUE, we gladly will pay for…
How much do you VALUE your health?
How much do you VALUE your SPINAL CORD?

How MUCH do you think an adjustment is truly worth?


Our Fees-Energy Exchange Requirements:

New Patient Chiropractic Exam $189

Chiropractic Adjustment $60

12 pack of adjustments $500 (savings of $220)

Channeled Intuitive Reading with Sharon $150

Energywork with Sharon $100 hr

Dynamic Repatterning w/Dr. Luann & Sharon $100 1/2 hr

Essential Oil Therapy Session $125 hr

CranioSacral Therapy $125 hr

Cupping Therapy $150 hr

Reconnective Healing® $100 hr

The Reconnection® $300
(This requires two consecutive appointments that are both included in the price)

Pregnancy, Myofascial & Connective Tissue $125 hr/$180 90 min

 Swedish Massage with Essential Oils $125 hr/$180 90 min

Deep Tissue with Essential Oils $150 hr/$200 90 min

**We accept cash, checks, credit cards & insurance plans**

~Payment is due when service is rendered~



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