3. Patricia Herrington, CA

Lovely Patricia

Ms. Patricia Herrington is our AWESOME chiropractic assistant who keeps The Recharging Station running smoothly. She brings a welcoming energy to all who enter and ensures that everyone gets their hug dosage for the day.

She is currently in the process of acquiring her SomaSoul® Somatic Expressive Therapist certification. SomaSoul sythesizes the expressive arts, body awareness, and body psychology into an integrative process that guides people through challenges in their lives that can cause tension and pain in their body, mind and spirit.

Her personal experience with this transformational work led her to follow her heart and passion to undertake this course of study.

Pat recently completed her 50-hour Shake Your Soul Level 1 instructor certification. Shake Your Soul is the Yoga of Dance. We look forward to her sharing a Shake Your Soul workshop here at The Recharging Station in 2015 :)

Pat is a living testament to full spectrum healing as she battled cancer and won with grace through her journey. Just ask her and she’ll be happy to share some stories. Pat truly embodies our philosophy of healing and wellness. She is our organizational anchor and we could not be who we are without her gifts and abilities!


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