Yoga / Meditation


Join us Monday nights @7:30 pm for a level 1 alignment based yoga class

Cost: $15 per class – ask about a discounted class card…

Space is limited, reserve your spot ASAP!

send an email to: yoga.for.me241@gmail.com

This guided level 1 class focuses on the fundamental principles of an alignment based yoga, connecting breath with movement.

The use of props provide support for the body, allowing the mind to quiet and more profoundly receive the benefits of your yoga, regardless of physical condition, age or length of practice.

Certified Yoga Instructor Raffaela Arcamone will assist in guiding to you begin developing strength, endurance, flexibility and optimal body alignment in a fun and relaxing environment!

Raffaela Arcamone

In 2014, Raffaela completed her 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification through Yoga Culture in Danbury, Connecticut.
She guides her students to open their mind and body to a personal journey of play, discovery and self-awareness on and off the mat. Her passion for yoga shines through in every class with specific alignment and modification options to meet her students needs and level of ability. No pose is impossible!

She is grateful to all of her teachers for sharing their knowledge, passion and love of yoga. She began her yoga journey four years ago in an effort to free herself of chronic low back pain. After trying a variety of styles, she found a style that connects the breath with the movement, specializing in Vinyasa yoga with Iyengar style alignment. This practice has allowed her to learn and grow to see that yoga is far more than the physical. It is this self discovery and connection with the mind and body that Raffaela encourages each of her students to take at their own time, in their own way.

Raffaela continues to enjoy learning from her mentors and her students, opening her heart and hands to share what she has gained with others. Drawing from her own experience of healing and increased awareness, she looks to educate and turn you on to your own personal journey!



Our adjusting/yoga space is available every morning for meditation at 6 am until 10 am. The space is considered sacred, so please remove your shoes, silence your cellphones and remain in respectful silence throughout your meditation practice.

We ask that you please consider keeping things tidy after you have visited.
Use the cushions, bolsters or whatever you would like to sit. Feel free to fill the essential oil diffuser, play music or what will serve you best in your meditation practice. Stay as long as you like until 10 am as the space is a safe haven for our wonderful community.

Enjoy the fruits of sitting in stillness and reverence.
We encourage you to consider inner peace, wholeness and being a witness to your amazing human being-ness as you settle before you begin your day.